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iTransfer (Fund Transfer)
This service will facilitate you to transfer fund from your IBBL accounts to other IBBL accounts instantly. In this case your source IBBL accounts should be registered in our iBanking service.

1. Maximum amount Tk. 5,00,000.00 within 10 transactions per day.
2. Maximum 20 (Twenty) account can be subscribed as a destination account.
3. Subscribed account can not be deleted within 20 days.
4. After subscribing collect secret PIN CODE (TPIN) from Branch.
5. Charge applicable :-
- Taka 0.25 per thousand
- Minimum Charge:Tk.5
- Maximum Charge:Tk.100
- (VAT as per govt. rule will be added)
- Deposit to MSS/MMS/MMH/MWCD account Free

How to use:
Step 1. You have to subscribe this service first from the new feature list (displayed just below of the banner) or from the menu 'Our Services'.

Step 2. Go to menu 'Register Account for Fund Transfer' to add or delete IBBL accounts to which you want to transfer your fund from your accounts. You need not to add your enlisted accounts in this section to transfer fund between your enlisted accounts.

Step 3. Go to menu 'Fund Transfer' to start fund transfer process. Select 'From Account' and 'To Account' from corresponding list and submit.

Read carefully both 'Source Account' and 'Destination Account' info and enter transfer amount in Taka and keep processing. Next system will show summary information of the client to confirm / verify the information.If you confirm the transaction, an email will be sent containing transaction detail and SMS to your cell number containing 'ONE TIME KEY' and 'Transfer ID'.

Step 4.Provide PIN CODE(Collected from Branch) and One Time Key and submit to complete fund transfer.

If you fail to proceed with PIN CODE and ONE TIME KEY at first attempt, follow the menu link 'Confirm Requested Fund Transfer' and enter 'Transaction ID' which would be sent to your E-mail address.

Its client's responsibility to preserve his/her password, TPIN secret and safe.