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iRecharge (Mobile Airtime Top Up)
Recharge your mobile phone from internet and What''s more, this online mobile recharge service is absolutely free for all IBBL iBanking customers. From this service you can recharge any mobile number at anytime.
How to use:
Step 1. You have to subscribe this service ''iRecharge (Mobile Airtime Top Up)'' first from the menu ''Features & Forms'' > ''Our Services''.
Step 2. After subscription, click on ''Pay Bills'' from the main menu of the IBBL portal then click ''iRecharge'' from the left menu. Provide all the necessary input and keep processing.
Step 3. System will show summary information to confirm / verify the information and submit to complete the recharge
Its client''s responsibilty to preserve his/her password, TPIN secret and safe.
Conditions each recharge request:
  • Maximum amount Tk. 1,000.00 & Minimum amount Tk. 10.00 for Prepaid package.
  • Maximum amount Tk. 10,000.00 & Minimum amount Tk. 50.00 for Postpaid package.
  • Maximum 50 recharge per day.
  • No Charge applicable for iRecharge.
  • Refund of a fail recharge will take 2-4 business day.
  • Client will be fully responsible with the provided data (like cell no, package etc.)