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VISA Money Transfer
VISA Money Transfer: This service is to facilitate transfer fund from your IBBL account(s) to any VISA card issued in Bangladesh. It can be Prepaid card, Debit Card or Credit card.

  • If VISA card is FAST FUND enabled, fund will be credited within of 30 minutes.
  • If VISA card is not FAST FUND enabled, fund will be credited within 3 working days.
How to use:
Step 1. You have to subscribe this service first from the new feature list (displayed just below of the banner) or from the menu 'Our Services'.
Step 2. Go to menu 'VISA Money Transfer' to start.
Step 3. Select 'From Account', provide TPIN and finally submit.
Step 4. Source Account info will be shown. Provide VISA card number and amount to transfer.
Step 5. Next system will show summary information of the client to confirm / verify the information. Confirm the VISA card number is correct.
Step 6. Provide One Time Key and submit to complete fund transfer.
  • Per transaction Limit - 20,000/= BDT
  • Charge: Tk. 30.00 + VAT for each transaction.
  • Its client's responsibilty to preserve his/her password, TPIN secret and safe.